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Happy New Year 2017

2017-01-01 15:26:26 by playstationpal22

I just want to say Happy New Year! Let's make newgrounds great again! LOL

Moving Forward

2016-06-14 20:09:16 by playstationpal22

I just graduated from Middle School and I am going to High School...which means that I will be using this account more often! It is almost my 1 year here on Newgrounds and I couldnt be more thankful to be here! 

Thanks guys for helping me!

- Ryan ;)

My Lost

2016-02-07 19:36:10 by playstationpal22

Hello. My name is Ryan A.K.A playstationpal22 and I want to talk to you guys. Recently, I had a passing of my goldfish. His name was Goldsifer. He was a good fish. He had been with my family for 2 days. My little brother forgot to feed him. IT WAS HIS FAULT! ;(

R.I.P Goldsifer

2/5/16 - 2/7/16

"You Will Be Missed"

Stick Update #4

2015-12-20 18:11:30 by playstationpal22

There is a new name for the animation called, "The Crazy Stickfigures". The reason for the name change is that I lost ALL of my progress with the "Bob" animation so I scrapped it and made a new one. The animation is going to have clips of my old attempts of making an animation but it has been improved. The release of "The Crazy Stickfigures" is going to be on 12/25/15 which is Christmas! I hope you are super pumped for the animation! Thank you for reading this!

- Ryan

Stick Update #3

2015-12-12 23:17:49 by playstationpal22

I have to delay the production of the movie. I have some personal issues going on. Sorry.

- Ryan

Stick Update #2

2015-12-06 15:39:09 by playstationpal22

I have 30 seconds of animation done. I reused some of my old movie clips and added fresh new ones. I REALLY hope you guys are nice because this took time and effort to make. Thank you for reading this!

- Ryan

Stick Update #1

2015-12-06 12:08:26 by playstationpal22

I am currently working on the jokes for the animation. I have a script and it is 75% done. The animation is probably going to be out between December 15 and December 31. I hope you guys are prepared for my (first) movie! Thank you for reading this!

- Ryan

Bob the Stickfigure Animation?

2015-12-03 16:32:37 by playstationpal22

I am currently working an a new piece of animation called "Bob the Stickfigure" (Name not official)! The animation is going to be 1-3 minutes long and it will consist of a stickfigure name (Bob) who does random stuff in the stick world. It will consist of clips and my terrible voice acting. The flash is going to be made on Pivot and edit with Windows Movie Maker.  Keep up with posts about the animation and the official release date is by 2016. Thank you for reading this!

- Ryan

Any Animation Programs?

2015-11-20 16:38:06 by playstationpal22

Since I am not making the game anytime soon, I was making some mini-movies but there is a problem......I don't have any animation programs. Can you guys tell me an animation program that is free and easy to work on so I can make movies while the game is on hold. Thanks! :D

- Ryan

Stopping Development

2015-11-15 17:14:53 by playstationpal22

I decided that I will stop developing the game until like 2020-2025. The idea of the game is so massive that it will take YEARS to make a 1-2 hour game. Plus with Newgrounds, it will be harder to make. I hope you guys aren't to dissapointed in me. I'm sorry.

- Ryan